About Faith Foundation Liberia

Faith Foundation is a Charitable Based Non-Government Organization operating in Liberia / Africa. FFL is a Christian Based Organization, started in 2009 as a charity foundation with focus to sponsor helpless children from remote families getting back to school and children that lost their parents in the Liberia civil war. Later the charity foundation was legalized and transformed into a national center caring for families that lost members during the EBOLA epidemic in Liberia. Now Faith Foundation is supporting students, homeless youth on the streets and people under the influence of drugs, getting them from the street to a home where they can be care for. Providing food, cloths, medications and other needs to the poor and disable communities in Liberia. Most of the members who founded Faith Foundation where Dr. Amb. Paul Sky Berry, Mrs. Aminata Donia Berry and family, today many others joined in to work with the Berry family. Now Faith Foundation can say thank God we are proud to be caring for a lot of people and associated with such a big family. The major objective of the Faith Foundation is to empower children, youth / others through provision of quality education, vocational training, sports alethic training, books clubs, drama and music programs through mentor-ship to save the next generation of Liberia / Africa.

About Our Founders

Dr. Amb. Paul Sky Berry is an award winning author, a mentor, a motivational speaker, an avocate and a leadership life coach. He believes that a person can become a better leader by understanding the core values spelt out through his leadership teaching. Qualities such as assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence and conscientiousness are cited as the most important qualities in books written by Paul.Read More


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Key Areas

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Strategies that really work
Empowering youth and others through sports athletics and entertainment
Addressing the education development issues more directly.

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Keynote Speakers

Teddy Foday Musa
Teddy Foday MusaLeadership Trainer
Peace activist and peace scholar. His name is a house hold name in the area of peace building
Sam E. Hare, Jr
Sam E. Hare, JrPersonal Development & Leadership Trainer
Sam E. Hare has spent the last thirty five(35) of the fifty six (56) years of his life working with the young people of Liberia.
Mohammad Sirhan
Mohammad SirhanManagement and Leadership training
Management and leadership training.
Mr. Eric Davies
Mr. Eric DaviesEducation and Advisor on Children Protection

Events Schedule

Book review Conference & Dinner with best selling authors like

Dr. Paul Sky Berry, Rev. Alexander Kullie Morlu, JC Mulbar, Dr Clarence Pearson, Ms Serenon S.M.Potter, Apostle Richard E.Aregbor, Dr.Phillip V. Sayranye III, Dr. Trokon R. Jackson, Ms Siatta L.A. Gray, Mr. Benedict T. Danuweli, Mr Sam E. Hare, Jr, Rev.G Thomas Dowie, Mrs Massah E. Saffa-Bangura

Location: Liberia


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