About Dr. Amb. Paul Sky Berry

Dr. Amb. Paul Sky Berry is an award winning author, a mentor, a motivational speaker, an avocate and a leadership life coach. He believes that a person can become a better leader by understanding the core values spelt out through his leadership teaching. Qualities such as assertiveness, adaptability, intelligence and conscientiousness are cited as the most important qualities in books written by Dr. Amb. Paul. One of his philosophies states that “the milestone to greatness begins with just an idea, but a person should be able to drive that idea into creative achievement.”

His research clearly shows that leadership is an art of possibility and is about transforming oneself into a new successful being.Dr. Amb. Paul knows that transformational leaders are leaders who are positive, inspiring and who empower people through their own inspiration, thus increasing their followers. These followers increase their value where they gain higher performing teams.

As a humanitarian worker for seventeen years, an entrepreneur, the sponsor of Faith Wonder World and the founder of Faith Foundation Charity, Dr. Amb. Paul as an author is dedicated to inspiring self-improvement and leadership in others. He has shared his story in many parts of the world where he trained and mentored business-minded individuals on what it takes to build success and become a leader by speaking possibilities.

Dr. Amb. Paul started out as a little boy breaking stones and selling it to make a living. He later realized that stone breaking was not a successful business strategy to make a living, but rather modern slavery in the twenty first century. Proof of this realization was during the war period in Liberia, where Paul could no longer sell stones because he had no buyers, as people stopped building homes due to the war. Consequently, as sales dropped tremendously, Paul’s life became even more difficult and challenging. He then started working at a construction site, where he carried bricks and other construction materials on his head to make a living.

In 2006, Dr. Amb. Paul had a break through where he travelled to the United States for a training program. Though he had an opportunity to live and work in the US, he chose to return to Africa to carry out a developmental business project and empowerment program for other young people by creating jobs for them. Determined to pursue his dreams, Dr. Amb. Paul created an IT and telecommunications training company which trained a lot of people who where discriminated againts. He empowered them in the area of IT,  telecommunications and infrastructure works.

Today, most of his students and even some of his former staff are working around the globe carrying on with the skills they learned from his training centre. He believes that everyone has greatness in them and can be successful if they are willing to work hard, work smart, and hold themselves to high standards. These beliefs are the basis on which he mentors individuals and helps them overcome hurdles in business and in life.

In 2008, inspired by his travels around the world, Dr. Amb. Paul founded Faith Foundation Liberia to be a strong driving force behind the dissemination of powerful life-changing information. He understands the challenges of balancing family and dreams, and remains steadfast in encouraging people to live out the purpose for which they were created.

Born in the West African region - Liberia,Dr. Amb. Paul is also a philanthropist. His dream for educating less-privileged children and his campaign for the protection of woman and children against abuse and violence motivates him to do more.

Admired for his passions, Paul believes that with success comes social responsibilities which provokes his power to give back and empower the needy.  He is the author of some of the bestselling books like (The Benefit of Falls and Failures) (Resisting Against the Failed Systems) (Strategic Thinking For Industrial Safety Management) and (Managing The People That Manage US). In his continuous quest to be a mentor, motivational speaker and life/fitness coach, Paul has an endless passion for charity and humanitarian work. With this passion he dedicated his life and experience to work with International organizations and continue to strengthen this desire, by serving as a manager in diverse responsibilities.

In his more than 17 years, he has worked in different countries like Darfur and Khartoum in Sudan; Abyei, Juba, Woa and Malika in South Sudan; Uganda and the Central African Republic. Dr. Amb. Paul also delved into humanitarian work at a more personal level where he devoted his efforts and earnings to support the less privileged people and he founded a charity organization ‘Faith Foundation Charity’. His charity foundation is motivated by his life experience where he particularly targeted sponsoring the less privileged children / youths, through funding for their education. These children/youths are helpless, street, drug addicted and orphan children or youths who were affected by the Liberian civil war.

These children are placed in different school programs while the homeless children are placed in foster homes where Dr. Amb. Paul’s Faith Foundation carters for their feeding, clothing, basic health and other specific needs particularly for the disabled. The foundation also offers rehabilitation programs for youths who abuse drugs. All proceeds generated from his books are directed to Charity.

Dr. Amb. Paul previously worked in the private sector. He completed his degree and professional learning programs at the University in Freetown - Sierra Leone, the United States of America and other institutions in Kenya, Uganda, United Kingdom, Italy, Croatia, Dubai in the United Arab Emirates, Canada, South Africa and Turkey. Through his rough childhood in Liberia during the civil war, Paul went through tremendous suffering, but got rescued through the Rock Church International by his Rev. Mother Bishop Dr. Rosetta L. Cox. Bishop Cox saw great potential in Paul and placed him into an orphanage for children affected by the war in Liberia and in need of assistance. Later he was taken to the Rock Church headquarters at Virginia Beach in the USA, where he went through intensive leadership learning programs under the influence of the late Bishop John Gimenez, founder of Rock Church International and Rock Ministerial Family (RMF).Dr. Amb. Paul was blessed to meet with Dr. Pat Robison the founder of Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN), 700 Club and Regent University in Virginia Beach where they discussed support for schools and medical needs for the youth of Liberia. Since then, Paul’s ambition to embrace managerial and leadership skills heightened as well as his love for charity and giving back to society.  

Recently,Dr. Amb. Paul Sky Berry foundation has transformed into a national center and expanded to care for families that are affected by acute poverty due to the EBOLA epidemic that killed thousands of people and left many others homeless living in very difficult conditions. Faith Foundation empowers children and youths by providing quality education, vocational training, sports or athletic training, different youth clubs activities and music programs to save the next generation of Africa. Paul is devoting his efforts and earnings to support less privilege people. While it is very frustrating to see African leaders doing nothing positive to eliminate poverty in their countries. Many of them rather embezzle their nations’ wealth and saving huge sums of their nations finances in Western banks.

Dr. Amb. Paul knows that many African politicians are trying to provide minimum support to the care and development to improvement their country, but his contribution benefits the less-privileged in society. His charity foundation strives to support people at the grass root. He believes that the primary focus of African leaders should lean on processing a lifestyle of positive and sustainable change for the future generations, in order to enhance the lives of millions of Africans, particularly in his home country Liberia. Paul is currently pushing his goals and dreams for the continent of Africa. Some of the positive goals he has set to enrich African countries includes encouraging his people to work hard and give more assistance to poorer families, which will help less developed communities to make progress.

During his award winning program held in honor of the Creative Leadership and Humanitarian Awards presentation Liberia; speaking after receiving the award, Dr. Amb. Paul spoke on his perspective about building the Culture of wealth for remote localities in Liberia through his ‘eliminating poverty strategy’. This article is published in a magazines where he wrote that the culture of wealth and achieving success depends on one’s integrity and state of mind. This connects to harmony with estimated values. He promotes the culture of love for one’s nation that leads to eliminating discrimination in all African nations including Liberia.

Dr. Amb. Paul always writes about unity, peace and patriotism. Today he knows and understands that there are many challenges that stand in the way of Africa’s ability to achieve a culture of love and patriotism, but he believes with concerted efforts and dedicated action, growing wealth in Africa is possible, but it starts within us, the love for one another and our mind set with integrity, to make us successful.


Finally, as he envisions a better future and living conditions for his people in Africa, he prays for that ability to shape reality to their aspirations. “Dr. Amb. Paul believes that when the gap between ambition and achievement narrows, Africans will know real happiness, their story will change and the nations of Africa will be respected among nations of the world”.