FFL Scholarship and Educational

About Faith Foundation Scholarship program: Currently Faith Foundation Liberia is providing 250 scholarship to students in private schools.

Faith Foundation is a Charitable Based Non-Government Organization providing educational opportunities for the underprivileged in Liberia and other parts of Africa.

FFL is a Humanitarian Based Organization, started in 2009 as a charity foundation with focus to sponsor helpless children from remote families getting back to school and children that lost their parents in the Liberia civil war.

Later the charity foundation was legalized and transformed into a national center caring for families that lost members during the EBOLA epidemic in Liberia.

Now Faith Foundation is supporting students, homeless youth on the streets and people under the influence of drugs, getting them from the street to a home where they can be care for. Providing food, cloths, medications and other needs to the poor and disable communities in Liberia. Most of the members who founded Faith Foundation where Mr. Paul Sky Berry, Mrs. Aminata Donia Berry and family, today many others joined in to work with the Berry family. Now Faith Foundation can say thank God we are proud to be caring for a lot of people and associated with such a big family. The major objective of the Faith Foundation is to empower children, youth / others through provision of quality education, vocational training, sports alethic training, books clubs, drama and music programs through mentor-ship to save the next generation of Liberia / Africa