Faith Foundation Liberia, Cox Evangelistic Ministries, Others to Host Children’s Year-End Party

Monrovia – Amb. Dr. Paul Sky Berry, founder of Faith Foundation Liberia (FFL), Mrs. Aminata Donia Berry, CEO of FFL, Dr. Bishop Rosetta L. Cox founder of Cox Evangelistic Ministries (CEM), USA, Mr. Paul Freeman and Zena Freeman, Bridger’s of the Gap in Virginia Beach, Christ Lambs Ministries in North Carolina, Bill and Denise Medley Family Care Group in PA, Sharon Zabresky and Family in PA and The Gallant Family Care Group in Virginia are expected to host a children end of year party at the headquarters of FFL, Studio Junction, ELWA Community, Monrovia.

According to the organizers, over 2000 children from around Liberia are expected to be hosted during the party. 

In October 2019, FFL, CEM and partners purchased over 3000 sets of toys in the USA and shipped them to Liberia for this party. The toys arrived in the country and will be distributed to children, who will attend the party on Saturday, December 28. 

Dr. Berry: “The party is originally set-up to show a fun idea for kids to joyfully end the year. We know that the happiness in children brings out the beauty of God in them and would like to add an excellent year-end gift to their smiles before entering the New Year, 2020.”

He told this newspaper that at the party, his Faith Foundation will also provide its favorite amusement park equipment, allowing the children to enjoy inflatable bounce castles and slides. Most of these children’s play facilities are out of the reach for most of the children expected to attend.

The organizers are expected to also provide food stuffs for children’s party. The FFL’s founder added: “The party is all about bringing in the good times with the kids and reminding them to be their best at school, stay focus, respect their parent/guardian, love one another and appreciate God for everything before the New Year. It is a great time to gather the children around to enjoy some games and amusement equipment.”

Amb. Dr. Berry further stated that the end of the year party is a way to give back and celebrate with children from all backgrounds. 

He stated that the party’s games and activities are designed to entertain guests of all ages. He hoped that the kids will enjoy and win prices.

Dr. Berry, who is a motivational speaker, further stated that FFL will have each child writes a resolution or wish for the New Year on a piece of paper and will put those pieces of papers in balloons, which will be filled with air and will be released in the air before the end of the party.

FFL continues to promote humanitarian work for the underprivileged and provides more support to people living under difficult circumstances.


Amb. Dr. Berry, an official at the United Nations, is also a humanitarian; his foundation is providing scholarship to 500 Liberian students all in private schools and universities around Liberia.

In October 2019, FFL brought in three professors and trainers in international leadership. They hosted the biggest leadership seminar in Monrovia, over 1400 participant received certificates in Management and Leadership.

Over the years, FFL founder has dedicated his life and resources to providing scholarships for students across Liberia and other parts of Africa.

His approach focuses on enabling underprivileged children to realize their potential by giving them educational opportunities. 

At Dr. Berry’s FFL believes that no child was born to suffer that is why they are providing for children living under difficult circumstances. 

“Unprivileged children are part of the future; they are the people we are depending on for sustainable growth of institutions that will transform the world and make it a better place,” he told this newspaper. He added: “That is why my Faith Foundation is supporting them to have a brighter future. We must teach and transform them. If they get the wrong teachings, they are going to have nothing to contribute to the future.” 

For 14 years, Dr. Berry and his team have expanded educational opportunities to reach the most marginalized children and families living in remote locations. His foundation helps them access and completes academy education, some are provided with vocational training. 

Dr. Berry’s Foundation hosts yearly back to school program, which includes various competitions that give young students the opportunities to win, cash to purchase uniforms, books and other school equipment in preparation to head back to their schools. 

Few years ago FFL purchased over US$32,000 amusement park playground materials. These materials are mobile. Most times they are taken around the country for kids to use as playground. 

“The children play and learn at the same time Faith Foundation provides food, drinks and children fun party materials through its partners Dr. Cox, founder of CEM, USA, and other partners in the USA.