Liberian Humanitarian in Dubai to Promote Charitable Work for Underprivileged

Ambassador Dr. Paul Sky Berry speaking at the Dubai Leadership Summit on Growth and Sustainability Strategies

Monrovia – A Liberian humanitarian and founder of the Faith Foundation Liberia is participating in the Dubai Leadership Summit on Growth and Sustainability Strategies in which he intends to promote humanitarian work for the underprivileged and provide more educational support to people living under difficult circumstances in his country and elsewhere.

Ambassador Dr. Paul Sky Berry, who is set to speak at the Dubai Leadership Summit, his foundation is providing scholarship to 500 Liberian students all in private schools and universities around the country.

Dr. Berry, who is an official at the United Nations, said he was invited to the Dubai Summit based on his leadership and humanitarian contribution in Liberia and other parts of the world. 

In October 2019 his Faith Foundation Liberia Charity brought in three professional professors and trainers in international leadership where they hosted the biggest leadership seminar in Monrovia, over 1400 participant received certificates in management and leadership.

Dr. Berry’s Faith Foundation believes that no child was born to suffer that is why they are providing for children living under difficult circumstances. 

In an interview with this newspaper he said, “Unprivileged children are part of the future and they are the people we are depending on for sustainable growth of institutions that will transform the world and make it a better place.” 

Amb. Dr. Paul Sky Berry, who is also an author, signing some copies of his books to be placed among many books in Dubai biggest book store for charity

According to him, this is why his Foundation is supporting them to have a brighter future; adding: “We must teach and transform them. If they get the wrong teaching they are going to have nothing to contribute to the future.” 

For 14 years, he and his team have expanded educational opportunities to reach the most marginalized children and families living in remote locations. His foundation helps them access and complete academy education. Some of the beneficiaries are provided with vocational training. 

Dr. Paul Sky Berry (2nd from right) in picture with other participants of the Dubai Leadership Summit

The foundation hosts yearly back to school program, which includes various competitions that give young students the opportunity to win, cash to purchase uniforms, books and other school equipment in preparation to head back to schools. Few years ago Faith Foundation purchased over US$32,000 amusement park playground materials. These materials are mobile; the foundation takes them around the country to support underprivileged children. 

The children play and learn at the same time; Faith Foundation provides children’s fun party materials through its partners Dr. Cox, the founder of Cox Evangelistic Ministries in the USA. Dr. Cox and Dr. Berry are associated with other partners from states all around the US.


Faith Foundation Liberia is turning commitments into concrete actions by collaborating with Cox Evangelistic Ministries and other international experts around the world to trigger significant breakthroughs in reaching underprivileged children.  

The Foundation and Cox Evangelistic Ministries are building innovative relationships with a wide range of partners who all have a stake in realizing the aspiration of Education for children living under difficult condition.

One of his partners in the US, Bill and Denise Medley Family known as Mama Shoes, has provided over 600 pairs of new shoes to underprivileged children in Liberia. He also named Bridgers of the Gap in Virginia Beach, Christ Lambs Ministries in North Carolina, Dr. Gary Whaley and Tayler Hall Whaley of Virginia Beach, the Gallant Family care group in Virginia Beach, Mr. Luke Watson and family in Courders Sport, PA and Sharon Zabresky Care group in PA, as other partners, who have helped and are helping underprivileged Liberians, too.

One of Faith Foundation’s job creation strategies is to carrying on personal and technical hands on training skills to support developmental growth and create jobs for people through its poverty eradicating initiative. 

Dr. Berry’s Foundation’s annual management and leadership seminar is an action to train leaders who lead by making others powerful. At the Summit in Dubai, UAE, Amb. Dr. Berry, who is an author, too, did book signing of some of his books and donated them to the people of the UAE. His books will now be part of many books in Dubai biggest book store for charity.

The top leadership summit in Dubai is hosted by the London Graduate School and the Commonwealth University, both entities are strong on leadership and management coaching, teaching and research. 

Dr. Berry, a graduate with Doctor of Business Administration and an award winning author, is sharing his strategy on sustainability growth with other important leaders from over 50 nations.

The purpose is to spark a process that will bring about dramatic growth in all directions. Over the years his Faith Foundation Liberia Educational Empowerment Project has been dedicating his life and resources to providing scholarships for students across Liberia and parts of Africa. 

Speaking at the summit, he noted that giving back to society provides opportunities for sustainable growth and transformation. His strategy for change starts from the grass root, where he is reaching out from bottom to top through empowerment.

Dr. Berry and his family Faith Foundation is a humanitarian charitable based non-government organization that has been in operation for many years and supporting students, homeless youth from the streets and people under the influence of drugs, getting them from the street to a home where they can be care for. Providing food, cloths, medications and other needs to the poor and disable communities in Liberia.