Dr. Berry’s Faith Foundation Donates Food, Non-food Items to Under-privileged Liberians

Bags of rice, foot wears and other items that Dr. Paul Sky Berry’s Faith Foundation Liberia began giving to ordinary Liberians

Monrovia – Amb. Dr. Paul Sky Berry’s Faith Foundation Liberia Monday, April 20, began donating assorted food and non-food items to underprivileged Liberians, who came from all across Monrovia.

By Alaskai Moore Johnson, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Dr. Berry, who along with his family is based in the US, told FrontPageAfrica, it was part of his foundation, family and partners’ way of identifying with ordinary Liberians during these challenging times of the fight against COVID-19.

The founder & executive director of Faith Foundation was assisted in getting the COVID-19 humanitarian items by his partners, including Bishop Dr. Rosetta L. Cox, founder and chief executive officer of Cox Evangelistic Ministries, Bridger’s of The Gap in Virginia Beach and Bill and Denise Medley Family Care Group known as Mama Shoes, PA.

Ambassador Dr. Paul Sky Berry, Founder & Executive Director, Faith Foundation Liberia

One of Amb. Berry’s very important partners is his wife, Mrs. Aminata D. Berry, who is also co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of the Foundation. She provided additional resources to fund the buying of the items that were distributed on Monday.

Mrs. Berry also told this newspaper that she will continue to support and add value to the lives of the underprivileged in Liberia.

The Faith Foundation’s distributed items included bags of rice, clothing, shoes and others items.

“Unprivileged children are part of the future and they are the people we are depending on for sustainable growth of institutions that will transform the world and make it a better place

Ambassador Dr. Paul Sky Berry

During a telephone conversation with Dr. Berry, he emphasized that he had asked the Foundation’s staff in Liberia to allow people to come to the office in Paynesville to collect their package. He added: “This way, we can emphasize to them the importance of social distancing so as to avoid the spreading of the Coronavirus.”

He had also instructed the Foundation’s national chairperson, Mrs. Facia Kaiuway, and its distribution coordinator, Mr. Edwin V. Hoff, to carry on registration and have items picked up by individuals receiving the materials one at a time so as to avoid large gathering of people.

Mrs. Aminata D. Berry is co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Faith Foundation Liberia

Dr. Berry, who is a world-class award-winning author just completed another book — Strategic Thinking for Management and Leadership Success. It was published in March 2020 and it is currently being distrusted worldwide on Amazon, iBook, Google bookstores and all international books distribution platforms. Other books written by Dr. Berry include The Benefit of Falls & Failures, Resisting Against the Failed Systems, Running Away to The Unexpected and Quality Industrial Safety Management Tools. He has always used proceeds from his books toward humanitarian and education projects in Liberia and other parts of Africa.

His hope is that Africans will work smartly and keep praying for God’s mercies to free their continent from these difficult circumstances.

Over the years his Faith Foundation Liberia’s Educational Empowerment Project has caused him to dedicate his life and resources to providing scholarships for students across Liberia and parts of Africa. His approach focuses on enabling underprivileged children to realize their potential by giving them educational opportunities.

For him, the holistic growth of every child matters most. Last November, Dr. Berry’s Foundation and partners hosted a National Children End of 2019 Party. The Foundation provided its favorite amusement park equipment, allowing the children to enjoy inflatable bounce castles and slides. Most of the playground items are completely out of the reach of all the kids. Food, drinks and others were provided for the children. The party was all about bringing in the good times with the kids and reminding them to be their best at school by staying focus, respecting their parent/guardian, loving one another and appreciating God for everything.