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Don't be a boss Be a leader

A boss knows every thing, A leader admits mistake. A boss tells people what to do, a leader shows people how to do. A boss criticizes, A leader gives advice. A boss shouts and gives orders, A leader gives directions. A boss demands respect, a leader earns and deserves respect. A boss threatens, a leader shows human kindness. At faith foundation we connect before we lead. We enroll people in the leadership journey through membership.

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Our Conference and Learning Centre.

Faith foundation Liberia Conference and learning centre, Developing effective leaders that lead by making others powerful. Management and leadership through Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and more.

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Vocational Training

Information technology, practical skills training, counselling, computer personal development and mentorship.

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Faith Foundation is a Charitable Based Non-Government Organization operating in Liberia / Africa. FFL is a Christian Based Organization, started in 2009 as a charity foundation with focus to sponsor helpless children from remote families getting back to school and children that lost their parents in the Liberia civil war


For general information about faith foundation Liberia, including registration, please contact us at:, Liberia +231775824499 international+231770512312, 0023675980238 ,USA 0013367406736.