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It is inspired by a boy living in one of the poorest communities in the suburb of Liberia. The boy's life is seen by everyone as a failure, though some see it as modern slavery in the 21st century. Desperately in search of answers, He wonders: "in this age how could any group of people depend on using their bare hands to dig stones and crush it with a hammer to make a living?" But that's the way life functions for a majority of people who are discriminated upon. Growing in Liberia which was destroyed by war and the recent EBOLA epidemic, he braved all the odds and was motivated to move on with the motto "ONLY THE STRONG". In his life challenging experiences, the system promised that life will be cheaper and easier, but in reality things got more difficult. The boy failed thousands of times. Reflecting on falls and failures, he is drawn by the motivation to inspire and reassure others that no matter the condition, with determination success is assured.


Failed system continues to cause setbacks and limitation in people's lives. Breaking the barriers between inequality and discrimination is not an easy struggle. Providing opportunities for the less privileged in society motivates the initiative for change. Our dreams give wings to positive imagination, inspired by the authors global knowledge. We must move ahead on a journey towards positive change. We will only succeed by resisting against the failed systems which keeps us from achieving our dreams. This book realistically goes deep into the secrets of breaching the gap, to adapt major change in failed systems that refused to add value to humanity. Meanwhile, challenging systems that provokes acute poverty in people's existence is like committing suicide. Therefore, resisting against any exploitative system, which suppresses change, would make you vulnerable to physical or emotional abuse.


Are you frustrated and tire of poor leadership or decision making? Or are you finding ways to overcome your management and leadership struggle? It is not too late, Strategic Thinking for Leadership and Management Success is a quick and practical way-out on how to check and be familiar with the top environment.

How to manage yourself and lead others in achieving leadership possibilities, this book teaches ways on how a leader can create new vision, articulate values and reexamine their goals as a successful manager in a business or their personal career. The world is looking for people who are caring and committed to leading others through positive influence, is that you? The world is not too interested in your qualifications and achievements; organizations are looking for people with the know how that and people who are willing to impart others.

 Do you strive to be a good manager or mentor but feel you do not have the time to do it well? Do not get trapped into thinking that leadership is an extra commitment on top of your days job. How you lead, not how much, is what counts. In this book you will learn ways to maximize your management in minimum time by learning how your leadership skills can take your organization and your life to the next level.

First, you will learn how to communicate with yourself properly by asking question like, what type of manager or leader I am? what do I want to achieve with my new leadership style? what do I anticipate by acquiring leadership values? Do I want to be one of the most important leader of my time? If so, this means I have to open my mind and stop making poor decisions, eliminate all poor management and execute a takeover strategy.

Now is the time, you need to start identifying your poor decisions by strategically making the move towards leadership advancement. As you make your next move in leadership, this book will guard you on how to basically see a ways of reasoning all the complex management to the core. To make your business or your career become prosperous, depend on how well you manage yourself and the team you work with.

There are few simple principles, first you have to set a target and know the particular group your leadership will be serving.

For example, if your idea on leadership is about a business. Then you need to know the market and the service your leadership will provide. As a leader your ideas must be able to solve management problem and establish ease in business, while limiting stress on yourself and the team you are leading. Learn how to take ownership and empower every team member voice in the vision collectively, as you take responsibility in empowering your team, you will improve their job sa...